About us

Who is Vel?

Hi, I’m Vel (velswritings)! I’m an avid reader (as you may have guessed), who dabbles in writing short stories. You can read some of my work on my rarely, yet lovingly updated blog. My favourite books are the Malazan Book of the Fallen series, which showed me the possible depths of world building and character progression. I am a proud cat parent and my most repeated mantra is ‘Adopt, don’t shop’. Some of my other hobbies include creating mixed media artwork, playing Magic the Gathering (mono-black, reb-black or white-black) and hiking. By profession, I am a software developer. You can reach me on:

Who is Nel?

Hey, I’m Nel (moonchocolateandtea)! I love to read and when I’m not reading textbooks and academic literature, my main genres of choice are crime fiction, thrillers, horror stories and historical fiction. I share my reading time with my trusty companion (a golden retriever), Appa, who also appreciates the art of burying yourself in blankets for hours on end. My other hobbies include painting, photography, hiking, knitting and anything DIY. If you’re curious about what catches my eye, you can follow my Instagram. You can also find me on Twitter, although I am not a very active user: