Liliana by Blaga Dimitrova

Nel's Perspective It’s time for another poem! Vel and I had a long discussion on which of Blaga Dimitrova’s works we should do a review, because, you see, she was a very prolific writer during her life. The complete works collection spans 22 volumes full with novels, essays, lyrics, poems, plays, commentaries, etc. But who … Continue reading Liliana by Blaga Dimitrova

If They Come for Us Kindle Book Cover


Nel's Perspective: I haven’t had this much fun researching words, phrases and historic events I’ve only heard in passing in a long time. This is why I like learning languages in the first place - each language represents a different way of perceiving the world and the things surrounding us. And while analysing contemporary issues … Continue reading IF THEY COME FOR US BY FATIMAH ASGHAR